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A graphic design artist and social media manager. I have been developing my skills in Graphic Design for the past 4 years while also gaining new knowledge in the world of technology and software development. My plans of working as a Web Designer are approaching fast as I self-learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Before my most recent position in the printing industry, I helped launch a small start-up called Taxim Squared, a company that made digital games. This is where my graphic design skills first blossomed and my story writing skills were put to the test. I later created a new identity for the company when it came time to rebrand as focus shifted.

I continued to do freelance work as a graphic designer on my own time to continue building my portfolio, which I created and designed myself and which you can see here. I am an asset everywhere I go thanks to my multi-cultural background and my love of languages, both of which have helped me grow as a person into being flexible and ready to adapt anywhere. Besides English, I am a native speaker of Turkish and am somewhat conversational in French, Spanish and American Sign Language. My constant study and analyzation of different languages and the culture that surrounds them is what makes me adaptable to any environment.


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